Online Courses Prepare This Student for the Next Stage of Her Journey

Nicole Melchert-Breitkreutz isn’t very different than many Ridgewater students.  She is a non-traditional student, returning to college later in life to complete her college studies.  She is taking liberal arts courses en route to an AA degree and a planned transfer to SMSU to complete her bachelor’s degree – just like hundreds of other Ridgewater students.

What might make Nicole a little different is that she is working to complete her degree almost entirely online.  I know, many students take online classes, and it’s not uncommon that students would complete an entire degree online.  Nicole’s story, however, is a great example of how online courses at Ridgewater can provide the flexibility necessary to make pursuit of a college degree possible.

You see, Nicole is taking a full-time course load, working full-time, and raising a family.  So is her husband. Busy family, huh? Listen in as Nicole discusses with Ben Taylor from Q102 how e-learning at Ridgewater is creating opportunities for her and her family, and start thinking about how it might be right for you or someone you know!

Nicole’s Story – Online Courses at Ridgewater

Early Childhood Education Students Recognized by United Way

Students from Ridgewater’s Early Childhood Education program received the Top Volunteer Award last week by the United Way of West Central Minnesota.  The award, which was presented at the United Way’s Thank You Event on Friday, May 20, is in recognition of the work of Early Childhood Education students in developing curricula and activities for the Literacy Totes – part of the United Way’s Growmobile.

The Growmobile is a mobile unit that traels to family child care centers to assist the providers in preparing all children to be ready for kindergarden.

Ridgewater’s Early Childhood Education program gives students the first two years of a four year degree in Early Childhood Education from Southwest Minnesota State University.  Students who complete the AS Degree at Ridgewater have the option to seamlessly transfer into the SMSU program to complte a bachelor’s degree either on campus or online.