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Ridgewater College highlights students and programs

Personal experiences speak volumes, whether you are sharing vacation memories or product challenges.

If you’re selecting a college, you may not know current Ridgewater students to hear their stories, but several Warriors and alumni are happy to toot the Ridgewater horn. Testimonials are a great way to discover that Ridgewater College is a great fit for you!

“I chose Ridgewater College because it’s an affordable option compared to other schools, plus
it’s a great stepping stone from a high school to a big university.”
~ Carlos Lopez, Jr, Litchfield, Liberals Arts & Sciences – Pre-Psychology and Computer Science

“My decision to further my education at Ridgewater College was based mainly on word of
mouth from two of my cousins and a friend who had completed the NDT program. I chose to
pursue a career in Nondestructive Testing for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is job
security…. Another reason is financial security. It is very important for me to be independent
and able to support myself.”
~ Melanie Landis, Blackduck, Nondestructive Testing

“I chose Ridgewater because I have heard nothing but good about how great the professors are with their students. My confidence has just shot through the roof! They make me feel smarter than I did in high school, and they make me want to push myself further. They have helped me grow as a student and a person.”
~ Tyler Bailey, Stewart, Liberal Arts/Pre-Psychology

“Continuing my education at Ridgewater has been a wonderful experience. It has far surpassed
my expectations…. My experience at Ridgewater is one that has made a major impact on my life. It has shown me in more ways than one that I am going down the correct path career-wise. It has reaffirmed my knowledge about my passion for children and my love of watching them learn.”
~ Kelsa Fenske, Hutchinson, Early Childhood Education

Read more about students and programs in one of our spring publications. Highlighted programs include:

  • Paramedics
  • Electronics
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • New Grants for Technical Training
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Healthcare Administrative Assistant
  • Nondestructive Testing
  • Practical Nursing
  • Basketball

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Pickles’ Place at Ridgewater is hopping with fun student videos for young children


Reaching out to children in fun, educatPickles Place 12 Haleyional ways is a common goal for students in Ridgewater College’s Early Childhood Education program. How awesome that they get to put it into practice in so many hands-on ways!

Last week students hosted preschoolers for a fun day of singing songs, doing Pickles-flyer-for-TV-timesactivities, playing with puppets such as Pickles, and sharing treats.

If only they could have that much fun every day!

In fact, many of them do at their daycare centers or at home with Mom or Dad, but they can also tune in to see kid-lovin’ Ridgewater students in 24 new videos called “Pickles’ Place”. Pickles has been popular at Ridgewater since 2010 and shown on Hutchinson Community Video Network (HCVN), but it was time for new students, new stories, and new activities. And now they’re available on Ridgewater’s own website!

Videos feature readings and activities of such children’s stories as:
– “Froggy Bakes a Cake”
– “Go Away, Big Green Monster!”
– “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”
– “Snow Dance”
– “Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs”

Check them out to see what fun you could have as an Early Childhood Ed student or what fun your own children can have as they see Ridgewater students and Pickles have fun!

“People of all ages love to tell and listen to stories,” explained Ridgewater faculty Cindy Salfer. “Students in the Early Childhood Education program love to share what they know about engaging children in stories and relating them to activities to make the stories memorable. It has been so fun to watch our students grow and to hear the positive feedback from community Pickles lovers.”

www.ridgewater.edu/picklesplace or HCVN Channel 10

Student Show-and-Tell at Ridgewater Today

Show-and-Tell for students at Ridgewater’s Hutchinson Campus won’t include bunnies or lizards, but it will include computer-generated animations, Pickles the local cable TV star, electronic designer portfolios, 3D drafted and machined projects, mobile apps, marketing plans, art projects, strategies for raising great kids, and other cool stuff.

Meet students who are changing their lives at Ridgewater in the Hutchinson Commons between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Race you to the refreshments! #RidgewaterColl


Early Childhood Education Students Recognized by United Way

Students from Ridgewater’s Early Childhood Education program received the Top Volunteer Award last week by the United Way of West Central Minnesota.  The award, which was presented at the United Way’s Thank You Event on Friday, May 20, is in recognition of the work of Early Childhood Education students in developing curricula and activities for the Literacy Totes – part of the United Way’s Growmobile.

The Growmobile is a mobile unit that traels to family child care centers to assist the providers in preparing all children to be ready for kindergarden.

Ridgewater’s Early Childhood Education program gives students the first two years of a four year degree in Early Childhood Education from Southwest Minnesota State University.  Students who complete the AS Degree at Ridgewater have the option to seamlessly transfer into the SMSU program to complte a bachelor’s degree either on campus or online.