Funding The Future Of Higher Education

State support for public higher education in Minnesota has declined precipitously over the last decade. As recently a 2000, state appropriations covered more than two-thirds of the cost of education. That support has eroded, and this year state aid is expected to provide only 43 percent of the total cost of attending college.

Ridgewater Volleyball Team Crowned National Champs

I’d like to share a couple of comments about Ridgewater’s student athletes,teams and coaches. It’s significant that the word ‘student’ comes before ‘athlete’—every coach at Ridgewater understands that athletic opportunities play second fiddle to success in academic pursuits.

The Importance Of A College Education

A recent report from the Lumina Foundation “A Stronger Nation through Higher Education” highlights a number of facts important to consider as we weigh whether precious state resources ought to be directed to support public higher education.