AA Degree Transfer Simplified For Minnesota State

The post-secondary transfer process from one college to another has sometimes gotten a bad wrap. This fall, Minnesota State took a significant step to change “bad wrap” to “guaranteed admission.”

Students earning community college Associate of Arts degrees like those awarded each year at Ridgewater College will now enjoy the peace of mind that goes with knowing their degree is guaranteed to transfer to any of Minnesota State’s seven public universities, provided the minimum GPA guideline is met.

Minnesota State, formerly known as Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, created a stronger, collaborative program for students who complete the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum and earn a minimum 2.0 GPA* in an Associate of Arts (AA) degree from any Minnesota State college. Students will be guaranteed admission and a seamless, reliable transfer with junior year status from any of the 26 state community colleges to any of the seven Minnesota State public universities.

Ridgewater College President Dr. Douglas Allen is excited about the change. “This guarantee encourages students to complete their two-year degree and it assures a seamless pathway to a bachelor’s degree if they do so. Our students not only benefit from the affordability of our tuition rate, but they’ll be able to complete a bachelor’s degree in the most affordable way possible….”

To put the cost savings into perspective, tuition and fees at Minnesota State colleges like Ridgewater are significantly lower – between one-half and one-tenth of the cost — of other higher education options in the state.

This will take the guesswork out of students trying to figure out which courses they should be taking at our community and technical colleges, including major-specific coursework,” said Alan Stage, Ridgewater dean of liberal arts.

“Under the old system, major-specific courses were accepted on an individual basis by the universities. This will guarantee students will be able to graduate by completing 60 credits at the university after receiving their associate degree.”

While participating graduates are guaranteed admission and full credit transfer to Minnesota State universities, students should note that six of the universities have a 2.0 minimum degree GPA while *Winona State University has a 2.4 GPA minimum.

In addition, because academic requirements for majors at state universities vary, students considering credit transfer for a specific major should discuss their academic goals with an advisor.

The seven Minnesota State universities that guarantee admittance from the Minnesota State public community colleges include:

Bemidji State University
Metropolitan State University
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Moorhead
Southwest Minnesota State University
St. Cloud State University
Winona State University*