Cyber Hackers: Use Your Skills For Good

Thacker_salented computer gurus can do amazing, positive things with their knowledge.

They  can develop software that monitors critical patients, programs that organize information for decision making or they can bring education to secluded parts of the world. From science and medicine to communications, business and entertainment, computers are at the core of so much of daily life.

And then there are hackers. In the movies and in the news, hackers can wreak havoc on one individual over time through identify theft or on millions of lives in an instant with a click of a mouse. The headlines can be scary. “Hacker steals hundreds of millions of email passwords.” “Security bug could expose Android phones to hackers.” “2 arrested in connection with Target hack.”

“The high profile attacks on Target’s and Dairy Queen’s computer systems have increased awareness of the challenges in keeping company and customer data safe,” explained Larry Handlin, grant manager for Ridgewater’s partner Rural Information Technology Alliance (RITA) federal grant. “The challenge for many companies is there are not enough qualified people in cyber security to fill the positions companies have open.”

To help meet that large demand, Ridgewater is launching a new Cyber Security Specialist Associate of Applied Science degree this fall to train students to secure computers and the networks they communicate over from emerging threats.

Hats off to the RITA grant and staff and Ridgewater’s knowledgeable, experienced Computer Systems Technology faculty for adding this new program.

“You just have to know someone who has had their computer hacked or identity stolen to understand the need for cyber security professionals,” said Mike Kutzke, Ridgewater dean of technical programs.

Credential Available:
Cyber Security Associate of Applied Science Degree – 60 credits

Why choose Ridgewater?
• Flexible schedule for working and commuting students
• Varied online learning formats, from traditional classrooms to distance learning and online
• Hands-on experience at campus Help Desk
• Modern program technology and classroom setups
• Numerous additional complementary credentials

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