Ridgewater stories

We Are Ridgewater College And Why We’re Proud Of It!

Personal experiences speak volumes, whether you are sharing vacation memories or product challenges.

If you’re selecting a college, you may not know current Ridgewater students to hear their stories, but several Warriors and alumni are happy to toot the Ridgewater horn. Testimonials are a great way to discover that Ridgewater College is a great fit for you!

“I chose Ridgewater College because it’s an affordable option compared to other schools, plus
it’s a great stepping stone from a high school to a big university.”
~ Carlos Lopez, Jr, Litchfield, Liberals Arts & Sciences – Pre-Psychology and Computer Science

“My decision to further my education at Ridgewater College was based mainly on word of
mouth from two of my cousins and a friend who had completed the NDT program. I chose to
pursue a career in Nondestructive Testing for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is job
security…. Another reason is financial security. It is very important for me to be independent
and able to support myself.”
~ Melanie Landis, Blackduck, Nondestructive Testing

“I chose Ridgewater because I have heard nothing but good about how great the professors are with their students. My confidence has just shot through the roof! They make me feel smarter than I did in high school, and they make me want to push myself further. They have helped me grow as a student and a person.”
~ Tyler Bailey, Stewart, Liberal Arts/Pre-Psychology

“Continuing my education at Ridgewater has been a wonderful experience. It has far surpassed
my expectations…. My experience at Ridgewater is one that has made a major impact on my life. It has shown me in more ways than one that I am going down the correct path career-wise. It has reaffirmed my knowledge about my passion for children and my love of watching them learn.”
~ Kelsa Fenske, Hutchinson, Early Childhood Education

Read more about students and programs in one of our spring publications. Highlighted programs include:

  • Paramedics
  • Electronics
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • New Grants for Technical Training
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Healthcare Administrative Assistant
  • Nondestructive Testing
  • Practical Nursing
  • Basketball

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