Throwing Bales And Programming Computers: Life On The Farm In The 21st Century


Vendor at Ridgewater Career Fair
Traci Seifert with Land O' Lakes discusses career opportunities with a student at the 2012 Ridgewater Ag Career Fair and Technology Showcase.

What do you think of when you imagine a career as a farmer:  Scooping manure? Mending fences? Throwing bales?  Maybe there’s some of that, but as over 300 hig


h school and college students learned at Ridgewater College on Friday, careers in today’s agriculture industry are more technologically advanced and exciting than ever before.

Ridgewater’s 220 Agriculture program students were joined by over 125 high school students from over 13 Minnesota high schools at Ridgewater’s Willmar campus for an Agriculture Career Fair and Technology Showcase.  The event featured exhibits from around 35 industry employers from across the region, who put on seminars for students, talked with them about career opportunities, and even did some interviewing.

While the Ridgewater Ag department has hosted career fairs for their students in the past, this was the first time all the college ag students participated. It was also the first time that businesses had the opportunity to set up trade-show style exhibits, and the first time high school ag students were invited. 

Many businesses were able to talk to the students about the opportunities in today’s agriculture industry, including precision agriculture, seed genetics, advanced livestock feeding systems, and livestock nutrition just to name a few. 

So while your vision of a career in agriculture may include cleaning barns and riding the hay wagon, most of today’s agriculture employees are considering the impact of yield by switching to the latest hybrid seed, or programming the GPS field mapping software on their tractor.  Indeed, the way look at agriculture has changed, but the future of the industry couldn’t be more exciting!

Interested in knowing more about careers in agriculture?  Simply call us at Ridgewater College and we’ll schedule a visit to campus!